News question: Know your production targets?

Quiz time: This week we’re spotlighting news about the Mu2e production target.

But first, join Fermilab News at Work in congratulating Justin Freitag for winning last week’s quiz. Dark Energy Spectroscopic Instrument spectrographs measure redshift, shifts in the color of objects to longer wavelengths due to the objects’ movement away from an observer. Thank you to everyone who participated.

Now, show off your knowledge of the news coming out of Fermilab in this week’s quiz. A winner will be randomly selected from all lab employees and users who submit the correct answer to today’s question by noon CT today, Nov. 7.

This week’s question: How many versions of the Mu2e production target has the production target team simulated and studied over the years? (Hint: See “Target practice: Perfecting the Mu2e production target.”)

Good luck! We will announce the winner and answer next week.

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Researchers developed many iterations of the Mu2e production target, some of which are shown here. The first and simplest design (far left) is a tungsten rod, while the penultimate design (far right) has fins, segments, and rings to optimize temperature control and minimize sag. Image: Dave Pushka