From Nigel Lockyer: Fermilab’s top five

Nigel Lockyer

Here are the highlights from the Dec. 19 state-of-the-lab all-hands meeting.

  1. Thank you to everyone at the lab for your hard work this year, commitment to success and performing your work safety. PEMP scores from the Department of Energy were either better or the same in every category that the lab is graded on. Importantly, Fermilab received an award year to the FRA contract.
  2. Safety remains the highest priority. It is important that everyone continues to be transparent and acknowledge mistakes. We can then work to better understand our organizational and safety deficiencies and fix them. Don’t forget to clean up your workspace.
  3. LBNF/DUNE work continues in South Dakota and kicks off in Batavia. In South Dakota: The Ross Shaft is fully operational and ready to support LBNF/DUNE. All reliability and pre-excavation projects are on track to be completed prior to the start of excavation. In Batavia: LBNF near-site work began following a groundbreaking ceremony on Nov. 14. Construction trailers are in place near MI-8.
  4. PIP-II continues to progress. A baseline review is scheduled for January 2020. PIP-II injector test facility retired a significant number of technical risks. On track for ~25 MeV beam commissioning in April 2020. We continue to strengthen our international partnerships.
  5. Fermilab receives strong support. Many dignitaries attended the PIP-II groundbreaking in the spring. Congresswoman Underwood visited Fermilab to support women in STEM. Senators Durbin and Duckworth and Congressman Foster continue to offer unwavering support. The Fermi Site Office continues to be a strong partner and we appreciate it!

Editor’s note:

The video of the December 19 director’s all-hands meeting is available online. Access to the Fermilab network is required to view the video.