Planning for inclement weather at the Fermilab Batavia site

With the arrival of December and colder weather, this is a good time to review how the laboratory plans for and communicates about emergency closing, delayed opening or early dismissal of the Batavia site due to winter weather conditions. All employees should refer to the newly revised Emergency Closing Policy.

If you haven’t already, talk with your supervisor to determine if telecommuting is an option in the event of dangerous weather. If it is and you have not already completed a lab telecommuting agreement, the link to the authorization form can be found in the telework policy on the lab’s policy webpage under the Human Resources heading. Instructions for filling out the form, obtaining approvals and uploading it to FermiWorks can be found here. The agreement must be completed and given to your supervisor prior to an inclement weather situation.

You may want to consider using inclement weather days to catch up on training in your ITNA or continue some of the clean-up efforts that began this fall. Whatever you do, be safe and watch out for yourself and others.