From Chief Financial Officer Vanessa Peoples: OCFO’s top five

Vanessa Peoples

The Finance Section held an all-hands meeting on Monday, Jan.13. Here are the top five takeaways from the meeting.

  1. Safety remains paramount. Members of ES&H presented on work planning and controls (WPC), which aims to improve the safety of lab personnel and increase compliance. WPC is required to be used by workers who are performing hazardous work, but is applicable to everyone. Be sure to complete any outstanding training courses and update ITNAs as needed.
  2. The Finance Section is undergoing a reorganization, with a focus on internal customer service, enhanced compliance and business analytics. Changes include: all accounting activities will be under one organization, a new Systems and Business Analytics department will be created, and the relationship between the field financial manager community and the Office of the CFO will be assessed.
  3. Baselining LBNF/DUNE and PIP-II are top priorities. As the projects progress, we provide ongoing support to the lab’s flagship project, LBNF/DUNE, and what will become the heart of the Fermilab accelerator complex, PIP-II.
  4. Interaction and partnership with the Fermi Site Office is paramount. All aspects of finance intersect with the contract officers in the FSO. We continue to work closely and cooperatively with them and appreciate their support.
  5. One lab for all aspects of budgeting and business processes is important. The lab’s new budget and planning process allows for better financial management. We continue to focus on aligning and integrating all resource needs at the lab, as well as on long-term planning to ensure that the lab’s future needs are considered.

Vanessa Peoples is the chief financial officer for Fermilab.