Now enrolling: Presentation skills for scientific and technical professionals

Two-day workshop: Presentation Skills for Scientific and Technical Professionals, April 20 and 21.

Recent comments on the December 2019 class:

“The recordings and the reviews of our presentations were very useful to understand problems and how to improve our presentation skills. The class had a nice pace and was very useful.”

“I loved the quantity and quality of practical exercises and the feedback that helps develop presenting skills. The class creates a better mindset for presenting and preparing the presentation.”

In this powerful two-day workshop, scientific and technical professionals will develop skills to help you make clear and persuasive presentations. Participants will learn the basics of, and gain practice in, delivering effective presentations with a special emphasis on:

  • Understanding the needs and interests of different audiences with varying levels of technical expertise.
  • Focusing on the “big picture” rather than the technical and scientific details.
  • Converting jargon and technical vernacular into easy-to-understand language.
  • Creating and using visuals that clarify rather than confuse.

This customized workshop includes video playback of participants’ in-class presentation with personalized instructor feedback. The enrollment deadline is Friday, Feb. 21, for the April 20 and 21 class. Thereafter, enrollees will receive information from the instructor regarding the course pre-work.

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