Organizational changes announced in LBNF/DUNE

To better align efforts in the ongoing LBNF/DUNE project, several organizational changes have recently been put in place:

  • Chris Mossey will serve as the deputy director for LBNF/DUNE-US and the project director for LBNF/DUNE-US. He was previously deputy director for LBNF. As he is serving as deputy director LBNF/DUNE-US, the South Dakota Services Division will continue to report to him.
  • Tim Bolton, professor of physics at Kansas State University, has moved into the project director role for DUNE-US.
  • Eric James, who was previously double-hatted, serving as DUNE-US project director and DUNE technical coordinator, will now focus exclusively on his role as the technical coordinator for the construction of the international DUNE detector project.
  • Jolie Macier will serve as the project manager for integration of LBNF and DUNE, supporting Marzio Nessi, the integration project director. Nessi is also the director of the CERN Neutrino Platform, which is supporting multiple aspects of Fermilab’s neutrino program.