PPO and HDHP plans – changes in supplying maintenance medication

As of Jan. 1, employees enrolled in the PPO and HDHP plans must purchase maintenance medications in a 90-day supply through Express Scripts Mail Order service or at a Walgreens retail location. There are only two “courtesy” fills in 2020 for a 34-day supply of a maintenance prescription.

Maintenance medications are prescriptions commonly used to treat conditions that are considered chronic or long-term. These conditions usually require regular, daily use of medicines, for example, to treat high blood pressure.

You will save money by receiving your three-month supply for the cost of a two-month supply. Your doctor can send a new 90-day prescription either to Express Scripts for delivery by mail or to any Walgreens for you to pick up there. Express Scripts and Walgreens will assist you with converting to a 90-day supply or the transfer of a prescription to Walgreens.

See steps to take here: 2020-01-27_5e2f3ae998a9d_ExpressScripts90daysupplyWalgreens

If you have any questions, please call Express Scripts at 866-814-7105 or contact benefitsoffice@fnal.gov.