Reminder: How to access your voicemail after the phone line conversion

As of Dec. 12, Computing has converted many of the phone lines in Wilson Hall, the Main Ring, Site 39, the Lederman Science Center, the fixed target areas, and other nearby buildings to a new phone service. If you are not sure if your phone was converted, go to (must be onsite or access via VPN) and click on Phase 3 Building and Extensions.

If you have a voicemail box and your phone was converted:

  • The extension to access voicemail is now x6250.
  • Your voicemail PIN has changed to a default PIN and will need to be updated. To get the default PIN and instructions on how to change your PIN, go to (must be onsite or access via VPN).
  • If your phone does not work, please open a Service Desk ticket. Select “Telephone Service Repair” and indicate what extension is affected.