From the Office of the Chief Operating Officer Kate Gregory

Kate Gregory

Almost two years ago, Fermilab management started a dialogue with the DOE to develop an integrated list of prioritized infrastructure projects. The integrated project list is intended to represent all infrastructure needs of the laboratory. Once assembled, the project list is prioritized based on a set of established criteria: safety, mission importance, reliability and other operational impacts. Additionally, this process has allowed the laboratory to evaluate potential efficiencies by combining certain projects to minimize construction and design costs. Last year’s inaugural effort resulted in multiple utility projects being grouped together for execution in a new potential $300 million Utility Infrastructure Project that received CD-0 in FY19, with CD-1 expected this calendar year.

The management and prioritization of the infrastructure list is carried out by Fermilab’s Campus and Facility Planning Board, or CFPB. At the start of FY20, the task of updating the list began with the Infrastructure Working Group of the CFPB, made up of representatives from each D/S/P, which established and scored the list of projects. The working group presented the recommendations to the Campus Facility Planning Board, which prioritized the list and submitted to the Directorate for final approval.

FESS is working with D/S/Ps to further define the top 40 projects on the list to get them closer to being “shovel-ready.” The current list of all prioritized infrastructure projects can be found on Fermipoint. This list will be updated annually as new projects are identified throughout the year. Suggestions for potential additions to the list should be discussed with your D/S/P head, who will recommend additions to the list to the CFPB.

The DOE and Fermilab are making substantial investments in future projects including LBNF/DUNE, PIP-II and IERC, to name just a few. This investment, supplemented by major investment in the laboratory’s infrastructure, secures the laboratory’s future and its mission for years to come.


Kate Gregory is Fermilab’s chief operating officer.