Inclusion Matters 2020: Sign up for one of this year’s offerings

Sandra Charles

Last year, we introduced to lab staff a series of presentations focused on unconscious bias in the workplace. Employees attended at least one of these presentations to fulfill a new training requirement established to ensure that all have the benefit of learning about workplace diversity and inclusion.

I’m pleased to announce the start of this year’s series, Inclusion Matters: Building a Sense of Community. It builds on the awareness that last year’s series raised of the impact of social stereotypes and biases in the workforce. The first presentation, by the Chicago Sinfonietta, takes place on Thursday, Feb. 20, in Ramsey Auditorium.

Inclusion Matters 2020 offerings will have a workshop format. They consider the findings of our recent climate survey and can assist in developing and refining actionable and measurable efforts that positively affect our workplace culture and individual sense of belonging.

This year’s topics include cultural empowerment, allyship, respect in the workplace, LGBTQ+ safe zones, working in a multigenerational workplace, person-first language and overcoming imposter syndrome.

As was the case last year, this training requirement has been placed on each employee’s ITNA. Take a look at the calendar to find a topic or speaker that interests you. To reserve your seat, indicate your event selection on your ITNA. Each employee has the flexibility to select their own series event to satisfy the training requirement, which is to attend one of the 20 talks or workshops. The series’s capacity allows for all employees to attend one or more offerings.

We’re excited to once again bring you these opportunities to learn and reflect on both what it means and what it takes to create a culture of inclusion.

Sandra Charles is the Fermilab talent acquisition, diversity and inclusion manager.