Need students for your experiment? Submit your TARGET and SIST projects soon

Sandra Charles

It’s incredible to think that last year, Fermilab’s TARGET summer program for high school students turned 40. And this year, our Summer Internships in Science and Technology for undergraduates will see its 50th anniversary.

There are good reasons for these programs’ longevity. The students work on meaningful, fun, enriching projects that they take with them as they continue their education, and they enjoy real-world experiences working at a science lab. Mentors get assistance with their projects from curious, motivated and independent students. And together, we enhance the STEM pipeline, providing opportunities for students in traditionally underrepresented demographics. (We may even attract a few future employees.)

If you’re looking for an extra helping hand on your experiment this summer, consider mentoring or advising TARGET or SIST intern. Postdocs, scientists, engineers, computer professionals are invited to submit research projects and commit to providing teaching, guidance and supervision.

The supervisor commitment for the TARGET program is four hours in the morning, 8 a.m.-noon, for six weeks. Submit your job for TARGET by March 31. Send your questions to

The supervisor commitment for the SIST program is eight hours a day for 12 weeks. Submit your job for SIST by March 18. Send your questions to

Student salaries are paid by the Talent Acquisition, Diversity and Inclusion Department.

Learn more about the TARGET program or SIST program online. See all internship program descriptions.

Sandra Charles is the Fermilab talent acquisition, diversity and inclusion manager.