Philosophy Society, Dr. D. Johnson, “Philosophy of Mind”, Fri, Feb 14, 12:00, Req Room (WH4NW)

The central issue in Philosophy of Mind is the Mind-Body problem: How can something like the material brain produce something like the non-material mind?  And how can they interact with each other?  In this presentation we will survey some of the different positions people take in regards to the mind-body problem and discuss some objections to each.

Dr. Johnson received a MA and PhD in Social/Organizational-Industrial Psychology and a MA in Communication from Northern Illinois University.  She received a B.S. in Communication from Northern Michigan University.  Since completing her degrees, Dr. Johnson has been working on theoretical research in an attempt to unify the discipline of Psychology under one overarching framework.  Dr. Johnson has been an adjunct faculty member at Waubonsee Community College since 2004.