Remembering Alvin Tollestrup

Alvin Tollestrup, visionary scientist at our laboratory, died on Feb. 9 at the age of 95.

Tollestrup was the recipient of the National Medal of Technology, the Robert R. Wilson Prize of the American Physical Society, and the IEEE Superconductivity Award. He was elected to the National Academy of Science. He is also the namesake of the Tollestrup Award for Postdoctoral Research, which the Universities Research Association has presented annually since 2003.

Tollestrup arrived at Fermilab in July 1975 on a sabbatical and joined the Fermilab staff in 1978. He became head of the newly created Collider Detector Facility and later became a founding member of the CDF collaboration, serving as its co-spokesperson from its inception in 1983 until 1992. During the 1990s Tollestrup was also a founding member of the Neutrino Factory and Muon Collider collaboration, later called Muon Accelerator Program.

A more detailed remembrance of Tollestrup’s life will be posted in the near future.

Interment will be private, and memorial plans are pending.