Tim Trout retires from Fermilab

Tim Trout

For nearly 20 years, Tim Trout has supported all things construction here at Fermilab. He started in 2000 as a contract worker. In 2007, he was hired as a full-time lab employee working in the FESS Engineering Department. Now he is retiring. His last day is Feb. 28.

A senior construction specialist, Tim is responsible for coordinating and managing complex construction projects. This includes managing general subcontractors during facility infrastructure or building construction, whether fixed-price contracts or the lab’s time-and-material contractors. His work took him to nearly every area of the Fermilab site. He worked on the MINOS underground tunnels and halls, the Liquid-Argon Test Facility, two main control rooms, MC-1 Building, Mu2e Building, MC Beamline, and the recent building additions Industrial Building 3A and the Industrial Center Building Addition.

“I’ve thoroughly enjoyed my time at Fermilab,” Tim said. “The thing that helped me the most throughout my time here at the lab was the willingness of fellow employees to assist when needed. My co-workers were there to help me succeed.”

Tim is highly regarded throughout the Fermilab and subcontractor communities with whom he’s worked. Our lab client organizations often specifically request that Tim Trout be assigned to their projects because of the relationships he’s built over the years and his proven track record of tackling complex scopes of work. Not many people know this, but Tim is a geologist by training, having worked all over North America building large infrastructure projects from dams and freshwater pipelines to tunnels. Tim has witnessed and been a part of projects most of his colleagues in this business can only read about in industry journals. The expertise, the wisdom, the sage advice and most of all the friendship Tim has brought to our team over the years will be deeply missed. Tim has left a lasting mark on Fermilab, one from which the lab will benefit for many years to come.

During retirement, Tim will spend time with his family, traveling both in the United States and abroad. He also plans to do some volunteering, golfing and fishing.

Say goodbye to Trout before he departs on Friday!

Joshua Kenney of FESS is the Fermilab construction management supervisor.