Top five from the Office of the CSO all-hands meeting

Amber Kenney

On Jan. 27, a number of leaders in the Office of the Chief Safety Officer highlighted the steps our office is taking to improve safety at Fermilab. The top five takeaways are:

  1. ESH has made a few organizational changes. You can view the ESH Section org chart on the section’s website. Notable changes include new Associate Head Matt Quinn; a new Radiation Physics Science Department Head Wayne Schmitt; and a new Technical Support Group dedicated to occupational safety and industrial hygiene.
  2. We are being proactive about construction safety. Not only have we had a great record in minimizing TRCs and DARTs — only two incidents in the last five years — but we are continuing to inform and educate our construction subcontractors about Fermilab safety rules and contact. This includes a safety boot camp presentation that gives construction subcontractors practical information about the safety requirements at Fermilab.
  3. Industrial hygiene is getting a closer look. Industrial hygiene is the science and art devoted to the anticipation, recognition, evaluation and control of environmental factors or stresses arising in or from the workplace that could impair well-being of workers or among citizens of the community. We’re paying closer attention to the AREC process. A successful example of its implementation was in the process for coating electrical busses for the Mu2e solenoids. Industrial hygiene was incorporated early in the planning stage for this part of the experiment, and we aim to apply the process similarly in all of our work.
  4. We’re improving how we assess occupational exposure. Our PEMP assessment stated that Fermilab has to establish a program for Work Planning and Control. We will incorporate the SHAPE concept — scope of work, hazard and controls, authorize work, perform work, evaluate — into our Work Planning and Control process. We will also clarify the roles and responsibilities of departmental unit heads, project managers, supervisors, work planners, points of contact and workers in FESHM.
  5. Outgoing former ESH Head Don Cossairt has pearls of observation to share before he retires. Among them: Fermilab cares about safety a great deal. You should not be afraid of taking on tasks outside your area of expertise. And when opportunity knocks at your door, open it.

Amber Kenney is the Fermilab chief safety officer.