UPDATED: Computing information necessary to telework effectively

‘The guidance below was revised on June 1, 2020, to be consistent with recent changes in laboratory computing requirements.

In order to facilitate their staff’s working remotely, lab managers and employees should ensure that the following are in place:

  • Telework Agreement Every employee must have a valid telework agreement on file in Workday. Forms should be printed, signed and given to division administrators to scan and enter in Workday.
  • Laptops Employees should take their work laptop home each night. If you do not have a work laptop, we encourage you to use your home computer if possible. If you do use your home computer, it makes good sense to have protection in place (i.e., anti-malware/anti-virus software) to ensure you’re working securely at home.Also, check with your organization’s leadership, as they may be able to temporarily reassign laptops within your organization for your use. A limited number of loaner laptops are available on a first come, first served basis. You can request one from the Service Desk. A property pass is required for all lab-owned equipment that is taken
    offsite. Talk to your division administrator to determine the process requesting a property pass in your organization.
  • Connect to network occasionally – Fermilab-owned computers receive patches and updates regularly. To ensure that you receive these important updates, we recommend that you leave your Fermilab-owned computer connected to the lab network via VPN for at least 6 consecutive hours, at least once per month.
  • RSA Token RSA tokens are required to read email offsite and while not using VPN. Unless you always use VPN on the device on which you read email, you should request an RSA token via the Service Desk. A soft token is software that can be installed on a mobile device to generate a passcode that will be used to log in to the email system on any device. If you cannot use a soft token, you can request a hard token using the same form. The hard token must be returned to the Service Desk upon you leaving the lab. View instructions on installing and configuring your RSA tokens.
  • YubiKey If you access the lab’s business or financial applications via the Citrix environment (sage.fnal.gov), you need a YubiKey. Those who will need to do this in the near future should get a YubiKey immediately by visiting the Service Desk in person with their Fermilab ID. If you are not at the lab and need a YubiKey, you should submit a General Request via the Service Desk or call x2345.
  • VPN Access to certain lab systems when not on the lab network requires VPN. The following instructions for  VPN are available: How to connect to the VPN using an RSA token or YubiKey; Installing VPN client on Fermilab-owned computers, on non-Fermilab-owned computers, on Android and on iOS
  • Local file access – If you are using a different laptop than the one you normally use at work, please ensure that all your work files are stored on OneDrive so they will be accessible to you while you are working at home. See instructions for using OneDrive on Windows, Mac, Android and iOS devices. You can also map a network drive to open, share and store files by following these instructions for Windows or Mac.
  • Call forwarding – If you need this capability, visit the 5ESS project web page (onsite/VPN required to access) for instructions. You must have physical access to your phone to forward calls, so do this now.
  • Zoom accounts – A Zoom account is only needed if you host Zoom meetings. You can request a Zoom account from the Service Desk. For instructions on how to use Zoom, see this article.
  • Service Desk If you need assistance, you can contact the Service Desk by using the Service Desk website or by calling 630-840-2345.