Zoom tips to keep your meetings secure

We have put together a knowledge article for Zoom meeting hosts to help keep their meetings secure:

Posting meeting IDs on public websites:

You absolutely must not post Zoom meeting IDs on any public website (especially in Indico and DocDB) unless you set a password to protect the meeting or disable the join before host (instructions for both of these options are below). Of course, do not post the password on any public website, either.

Preventing participants from screen sharing:

You can set the default for all meetings to allow only the host to share their screen. Hosts may override this setting for any meeting.

  • To set a particular meeting to allow only the host to share their screen:Whether you are logged in to your Zoom client or to the Zoom web interface

1.  Click the up-arrow to the right of the green Share Screen icon

2.  Click Advanced Sharing Options.

3.  Under “Who can share?” select Only Host. (If you have your account default set
to allow only the host to share their screen, you would change your meeting settings here to override.)

  • To set the default for all meetings to allow only the host to share their screen:  

1.  Log in to the Zoom web interface with your Zoom account

2.  In the left menu, click Settings

3.  Scroll to Screen sharing section

4.  Under “Who can share?” select Host only

Setting passwords to prevent unwanted participants from joining:

You can set the default for all meetings to require passwords on Personal Meeting IDs, instant meetings, scheduling new meetings, joining via a link, and/or joining by phone. The account holder may override their default settings for any particular meeting.

  • For instructions on how to set a password to protect your meeting, see this article


Other options to help prevent unwanted participants:

  • Disable join before host. View these instructions in this knowledge article.
  • Enable waiting room. This prevents attendees from joining a meeting until a host admits them individually from the waiting room. See instructions in this article.
    • All participants – Permits all participants joining the meeting to be admitted to the waiting room.
    • Guest participants only – Permits only participants who are not a Fermilab Zoom account holder or are not logged in to be admitted to the waiting room. If not logged in, they will have an option to log in.
  • Lock meeting down once all participants are on. View this article from Zoom for more information and instructions.
  • Mute all participants and do not allow them to unmute themselves. (This option is available for the host/co-host during a meeting).View this article from Zoom.
  • Disabling annotation and whiteboard features. View instructions in this article.