Bike share season opens Monday for Village residents

The Bike Share Program will be starting for Village Residents on Monday, April 6.  You can join the Bike Share Program by downloading the Movatic app from the app store on your smart phone. Memberships must be approved and will be approved during Badging Office business hours. Visit the Bike Share website for more information.

  • At this time, the Bike Share Program is limited to Village resident use only
  • You must wear a helmet while using a Fermilab bike. If you do not have a helmet, let us know. We have a limited supply available.
  • If you are a new or current member, please visit the Bike Share website to refresh your memory on the rules of the Bike Share Program.
  • If you have not done so already, please take two minutes to  complete the Bike Share Training Reference form.

If you have any questions, please contact the Badging Office.



Due to the nature of the Bike Share Program and on-site staffing limitation at this time, the bikes are not sanitized between participant use and we cannot guarantee that they are clean.

We suggest that you take adequate protective measures to ensure you safety. When using the Bike Share bicycles, the use of antibacterial wipes and hand sanitizer can provide some personal protection for you. You should clean areas of rider contact, (i.e., handle grips, seat, gear changers, and basket areas). This is a good extra step prior to beginning your ride. Consider wearing gloves while riding your bike. Always wash your hands after riding your bike. Avoid sharing helmets.