Celebrate Earth Day at home

The first Earth Day took place in April 1970.

Earth Day is a worldwide event coordinated by the Earth Day Network and celebrated annually on April 22. The first Earth Day occurred in 1970 throughout thousands of schools and hundreds of communities in the United States. Earth Day 1970 shined a much-needed spotlight onto the deterioration of the environment at that time. Shortly following Earth Day 1970, the United States government created the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, which led to the passage of a number of crucial acts in support of environmental protection. Today, Earth Day continues to bring attention to the environmental challenges at hand, pushing for support and change for the better.

This Wednesday, April 22, we celebrate the 50th anniversary of Earth Day. Although we are unable to celebrate together right now, there are many ways that we can all celebrate Earth Day from our homes.

Many of us are spending this time cleaning out, and doing work, on our homes. Before disposing of old items, consider donation or upcycling as a form of reuse. You can also use this checklist to evaluate where sustainable improvements can be made in your home.

Additionally, the Fermilab Earth Day Fair website lists even more ways you can add sustainability into your lives, including measuring your carbon footprint and signing up to stop junk mail and phone books.

With the kids at home, it is also a great time to get them involved and teach them more about Earth Day. There are a number of fun and educational activities that are available online, including nature scavenger huntEarth Day coloring sheetsegg carton gardensEarth Day quizzes and more.

We encourage everyone to recognize Earth Day this Wednesday and would love to see how everyone celebrates. Please send your pictures to iverson@fnal.gov. We are hopeful that we will be able to hold the Fermilab Earth Day Fair later in the year and look forward to celebrating together. We will be sure to announce any updates as they become known. Be safe, be healthy, and be sustainable. Happy Earth Day!

Bridget Iverson is the Fermilab environmental protection manager.

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