Inclusion Matters workshops now available online

Sandra Charles

In February the Fermilab Office of Diversity and Inclusion rolled out this year’s Inclusion Matters workshop offerings. We are glad that many of you registered for one of the series workshops. It demonstrates a commitment to making Fermilab an inclusive workplace.

With many employees working remotely, we’ve made a number of workshops available online. See below for dates and times. The workshops below will be available only through Zoom. A staff member from the Talent Acquisition, Diversity and Inclusion Group will provide you with Zoom information once you are registered.

If you registered for the in-person presentation of one of the opportunities listed below, you will receive a TRAIN registration notification to confirm your availability for the rescheduled online workshop. If you agree to participate online, a TADI staff member will provide you with the meeting’s Zoom information.

If you registered for an in-person workshop scheduled after May 4 and not listed below, stay tuned. TADI will continue to assess moving in-person workshops to an online format.

If you have not yet registered for an Inclusion Matters workshop, please register soon. All employees are required to take one of the Inclusion Matters 2020 workshops. Only one is required! But you’re welcome to attend more than one if any others pique your interest.

Finally, if you have questions about registering for the workshops, contact Joel Kofron at

Sandra Charles is the Fermilab talent acquisition, diversity and inclusion manager.

Allyship and Bystander Intervention
Tuesday, April 21, 9:30-11:45 a.m. (10-minute break)
Noor Ali, NOVA Collective

At Fermilab, our commitment to diversity and inclusion remains strong — even through unprecedented times of change. We know that fostering diverse teams and inclusive environments (even virtually) supports our overall mission. And we believe that engaging in these topics is a unique professional development opportunity that can help any employee develop critical skills.


A Chat with Millennials
Part 1: Wednesday, April 22, 9-10 a.m. (see below for Part 2: Millennials and Multigenerational Workforce)
Robert G. DelCampo, executive director of Innovation Academy, University of New Mexico

Join us for a one-hour question-and-answer session specifically designed for millennial professionals. Robert G. DelCampo, Ph.D., author of “Managing the Mulitgenerational Workforce,” will join us for an open and honest discussion of the specific issues millennials face in the workforce including: stereotypes, work styles, generational tension and the emerging Generation Z. Please come with your questions. We seek to limit this session to the Fermi Young Professionals Group. Others interested should please join the general session.


Multigenerational Workforce
Part 1: Wednesday, April 22, 10:45 a.m.-noon (see below for Part 2: Millennials and Multigenerational Workforce)
Robert G. DelCampo, executive director of Innovation Academy, University of New Mexico

For the first time in history, five generations are all working together in today’s labor market. Robert G. DelCampo, Ph.D., author of “Managing the Mulitgenerational Workforce,” will join us for an informative discussion about generational dynamics, how and why certain segments operate in different fashions, and a discussion of opportunities for engaging employees and team members across different generational groupings. Participants will be provided an opportunity for feedback and given an “assignment” to discuss in Managing the Multigenerational Workforce: Part 2.


Millennials and Multigenerational Workforce 
Part 2: Thursday, April 23, 9-9:40 a.m.
Robert G. DelCampo, executive director of Innovation Academy, University of New Mexico

After experiencing the first workshop, come prepared with discussion items intended to break down cultural barriers (yes! a generation is a culture!) in your work life. Additionally, we will give some insight into how all generational groupings can effectively work with Gen Z.


Person First Language Seminar
Wednesday, April 29, 9-10:30 a.m.
Katie Algrim, director of Innovative Professional Learning, Kane County Regional Office of Education

“Billy’s autistic.” “Billy has a diagnosis of Autism.” Can you hear the difference? This is an example of person-first language. As a society we must first acknowledge that people with disabilities are people first, they are not their disability. Person-first language recognizes that ALL people have many different characteristics, skills, strengths, challenges and interests; having a disability should not define who you are or the way you are viewed by others.


Overcoming Imposter Syndrome
Monday, May 4, 10-11:30 a.m.
Adia Gooden, director of Community Programs and Outcome Measurement, Family Institute at Northwestern University

Imposter syndrome is something that many high-achieving people experience, and it can lead to stress and impede people from reaching their full potential. Imposter syndrome can be particularly difficult for people from underrepresented groups who are working in predominantly white and predominantly male STEM environments. This experiential workshop will provide a supportive space for Fermilab employees to understand imposter syndrome, discuss their experiences related to imposter syndrome, engage in a visioning exercise, and learn and begin to practice strategies to overcome imposter syndrome.