New business travel insurance carrier effective 5/1/20

Effective 5/1/2020, MetLife will be the business travel insurance carrier for Fermi Research Alliance, LLC. There is no change to the design of the plan.

A feature of MetLife is AXA Assistance USA, which provides for assistance with travel emergencies. AXA administers emergency medical assistance services when you or a family member becomes ill or injured while traveling 100 miles or more away from home. AXA does not provide medical insurance coverage. The level of medical coverage you are eligible for is determined by your medical insurance plan, but all of the extra costs involved in the medical transportation and other travel assistance services administered by AXA are covered.

Please click the link below for a brochure that details the business travel assistance program in more detail, including a travel assistance ID card you should carry with you when traveling on business travel. Please remember to carry your medical insurance card with you as well.

If you have any questions, please contact