OPTT inventor profiles: Sujit Bidhar

Sujit Bidhar contacted the Fermilab Office of Partnerships and Technology Transfer in 2017 about a compact, low-power nanofiber electrospinner he was developing to produce targets for high-intensity particle beams. OPTT filed a provisional patent application in February 2018. In May of that year, the technology won the TechConnect Innovation Award. OPTT filed in February 2019 a nonprovisional patent application, which published later that August. The technology is currently patent-pending.

Energy I-Corps, through DOE’s Building Technologies Office, recently funded a Fermilab team to explore the application of low-cost nanofiber filter media for the air filtration industry. The team believes there are potential applications in air and water filtration, face masks, and even wound dressings.

Aaron Sauers is Fermilab’s patent and licensing executive.