Submit your invention or creation to OPTT

During this period of teleworking, the Office of Partnerships and Technology Transfer continues to collect ideas for inventions and creations from Fermilab’s world-class scientists and engineers. If you have a technology idea you think could be helpful, send it to Keep your potential inventions rolling in!

Fermilab employees are continually creating technologies that address problems in basic science, and it turns out that many of these technologies can be spun off for uses beyond particle physics. That’s a big reason to protect them. When we protect technologies, we can support their use in our everyday lives. Your invention could help improve medicine, the environment, industry and the economy. Disclosing your technology ideas is good not just for Fermilab, but also for society.

OPTT is eager to tap into the unmatched scientific and technological expertise at Fermilab, and we know the community is brimming with ideas that, though developed for high-energy physics, have the potential to benefit people’s health, wealth and security. Please send them our way.

In the coming days, News at Work will feature a series of digital posters featuring Fermilab scientists and engineers who have submitted inventions to OPTT. Here we present the first one, featuring engineer Farah Fahim. We hope your colleagues’ work inspires you to submit an invention of your own.

Email with your ideas today.

Aaron Sauers is Fermilab’s patent and licensing executive.