Guidance on face coverings

All personnel working on site in Batavia are required to wear a face covering when inside a building, unless they are alone in a personal office space or conference room (with walls). In addition, personnel are required to wear a face covering when outside if more than a six-foot distance from another person cannot be consistently and completely maintained.

It is Fermilab’s goal to ensure that all personnel working on site have access to a face covering. There are a number of ways for on-site personnel to obtain a face covering, including: at the gate, through the Fermilab stockroom, or a homemade or purchased face covering (Note: face coverings will be provided to personnel who don’t have one so they may access the site). If ordering from the stockroom, use the following stock numbers: disposable (2650-051000) and cloth (2650-051500).

Employees should take breaks as needed to remove face coverings in a socially distanced location.