OPTT practicum open to Fermilab scientist-entrepreneurs

As scientist-entrepreneurs navigate new territory in their value propositions and customer discovery, they can refer to a familiar tool: the scientific method. As much as a scientist’s hypothesis must evolve, so too will the entrepreneur’s.

The difference comes in collecting insight instead of data. The customer discovery process helps entrepreneurs assess their understanding of current problems in an existing marketplace. They develop open-ended questions that give customers the chance to explain a situation in their own words:

“What sort of problems do you typically run into?”

“How much does it typically cost to deal with this problem?”

“What is your biggest pain point associated with current operations?”

OPTT’s Entrepreneurship and Commercialization Practicum begins on July 9, and it will offer new entrepreneurs the tools to communicate with and learn from their potential customers.

In module 2, Customer Discovery Part I, students will learn how to capitalize on their contact lists including expanding their own network, asking open-ended questions, and understanding customer pain points.

Register for the eight-week course at: https://indico.fnal.gov/e/OPTTPracticum2020.

Seats are limited.

Questions? Contact Laura Rogas, lrogas@fnal.gov.