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When a scientist begins the journey into entrepreneurship, one of the first steps is describing how their innovation will benefit a customer. The specific and quantitative description is known as a ‘value proposition.’

But when it comes to articulating your value proposition, does it look like this?:

“Company ABC should invest in Cool New Idea because its components quickly make a cheaper product.”

Or more like this?:

“In partnering with Cool New Idea, Company ABC will be able to directly address their customers’ needs for a universal tool at 75% of current operating costs.”

Sign up for OPTT’s upcoming Entrepreneurship and Commercialization Practicum and learn the secrets of how to write a great value proposition for your work. Module 1 will begin on July 9 and introduce Fermilab innovators to the Lean Launch Model, thinking from your customer’s perspective, and quantifying your work.

Students are encouraged to BYOT, Bring Your Own Technology, for the added benefit of applying this skills training to their own innovation.

Register for the eight-week course at:

Seats are limited.

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