Work planning and controls

In March the ES&H section finalized a revamp of FESHM 2060: Work Planning and Controls, using recommendations from the 2019 DOE Office of Enterprise Assessment, Work Planning and Controls. The updated chapter incorporates stronger safety concepts from the Department of Energy’s Integrated Safety Managements Systems. FESHM 2060 was socialized throughout the laboratory, presented at all-hands meetings, and received record feedback from all levels of the organization: DOE, management, scientists, work planners and subject matter experts. The work planning and control team is communicating these changes and updates through training sessions around the lab.

This training introduces clear work planning roles and responsibilities, and a clarified risk matrix (laid out in FESHM 2060), and the concept of SHAPE.

SHAPE stands for scope, hazards, authorize, perform and evaluate. The concept helps provide the structure for working in accordance with FESHM 2060. SHAPE emphasizes areas that the EA team identified as opportunities for improvement. These concepts can be put into practice with ES&H’s new online work planning tool, called IMPACT: Integrated Management Planning and Control Tool.

IMPACT is being developed as a one-stop shop for work planning, creating hazard analyses and obtaining permits. IMPACT sends electronic notifications to authorizing supervisors, subject matter experts and assigned stakeholders to obtain approvals electronically. The system is currently being implemented across Fermilab and will replace the current hazard analysis database.

If you are interested in learning more about FESHM 2060, IMPACT, or work planning and control training, contact your division safety officer for additional information.

Eric Schlatter is the Fermilab ESH WPC coordinator and the LBNF near-site safety coordinator.