Everbridge emergency notification system upload into FermiWorks

We will be uploading phone numbers from the Everbridge emergency messaging system to FermiWorks (Workday). This applies to anyone who currently has their phone(s) number listed in Everbridge.

Tuesday, June 16, afternoon through Wednesday, June 17, 10 a.m.


Beginning at approximately 3 p.m. on June 16, you will no longer be able to log into your Everbridge account to update information.

Once the data upload from Everbridge to FermiWorks has occurred on June 17:

  • You will no longer need to manage a separate Everbridge account to maintain contact information in case of a sitewide emergency. All information will be housed in FermiWorks.
  • If you currently have a phone number listed in Everbridge, this will be transferred to FermiWorks.
  • Personal email addresses from Everbridge will not be imported.
  • Everbridge emergency notifications will be sent to your work e-mail address, which will be imported into FermiWorks.

On the morning of Thursday, June 18, employees will receive an e-mail from “FermiWorks at FNAL” (fermiworks@myworkday.com) asking them to log in. Follow the directions in the “Instructions” section further below to verify that your Everbridge emergency notification phone number has been accurately transferred to FermiWorks.

Going forward, if your preferred Everbridge contact information changes, you are responsible for updating it in FermiWorks.

For contractors, users and visitors, as their lab access privileges are renewed, they will be required to indicate the preferred sitewide emergency notification phone number in the “Request for Computing Accounts” form in ServiceNow.  For any ad hoc updates outside of the ServiceNow request, users or visitors may contact the Users Office, and contractors may contact the Badging Office.


Once you receive the notification from FermiWorks:

  1. Login to FermiWorks.
  2. In your Inbox, you will see an assigned task: Everbridge Sitewide Emergency Notification – Contact Review.
  3. Click the Edit Contact Information
  4. Review the phone number(s) listed in the field Home Contact Information-Additional Phone with an Everbridge device type.
  5. To correct an Everbridge device type, click the pencil icon next to the number to edit.
  6. To add an Everbridge device type, click Add to select one or more of the following:
    • 1 – Everbridge Text Msg – to receive a text message (note: this is preferred as the quickest way to receive a notification)
    • 2 – Everbridge cell – to receive a voicemail on your cell phone
    • 3 – Everbridge other phone – to receive a voicemail on another phone line
    • 4 – Everbridge other phone – to receive a voicemail on another phone line
    • 5 – Everbridge TTY – to receive a TTY communication
  7. Click Submit.