Fermi Summer Fitness Challenge

Join me in this Summer 2020 Fitness Challenge. Exercise guidelines recommend 150 minutes of exercise per week. Keep in mind that exercise comes in many forms. It may be walking, running, biking, hiking, swimming or participating in a fitness class. I challenge each of you to participate in this 8 week Summer Fitness Challenge, from June 15 – August 9. Log your minutes and the activity performed on the Fermi Summer 2020 Fitness Challenge spreadsheet found here. If you complete 150 minutes of exercise each of the 8 weeks, and send me your log at the conclusion of the 8 week challenge, you will earn a $10 digital Amazon Gift Card. If you are not an Amazon shopper, simply reach out to me at jecker@fnal.gov and I will find you an alternative. For more info contact Jeanne Ecker, recreation program specialist, at jecker@fnal.gov