Fermilab Quality Tool Suite and HPI database

On May 23, the Quality Section released the new Fermilab Quality Tool Suite, or FQTS, as well as updates to the existing Human Performance Improvement database.

The FQTS is a compilation of three databases used to document and track issues identified (iTrack), lessons learned (helpfully named Lessons Learned) and scheduled assessments (Fermilab Assessment Plan).

The iTrack database facilitates the resolution of items arising from assessments per Quality Assurance Manual Chapter 12080 – Fermilab Assessment Program as well as other activities that require action tracking. The new Lessons Learned database provides a repository for all internal or external lessons learned detailed in QAM Chapter 12010 – Fermilab Lessons Learned Program and Procedures. The new Assessment Plan database maintains the current schedule of planned assessments across the lab. Please be aware that QAM Chapter 12030 – iTrack Procedures and Risk Assessment is being updated and is due for release later this month.

These new and updated systems, along with the QAM chapters that establish the policies and procedures that outline their use, play a critical role in ensuring that Fermilab’s Quality Assurance Program maintains a framework to guide the laboratory leadership, management system owners, and project, program, or process owners in establishing the necessary processes that provide constant, consistent, predictive and effective assurance. With effective implementation of the lab’s QA requirements established in the QA Program and the use of the FQTS and HPI databases, the laboratory will be able to:

  • Consistently meet or exceed customer expectations, applicable regulatory, and Prime Contract requirements.
  • Implement appropriate quality planning using a graded approach.
  • Define appropriate measurement systems for critical processes.
  • Effectively identify and actively address risks and opportunities.
  • Integrate safety, quality, predictability, and reliability into processes.
  • Establish effective processes in partnerships and collaborations.
  • Provide reasonable assurance.
  • Continually improve.

If you are interested in learning more about FQTS or the HPI database or the expectations for your division, section or project, please contact your Quality Section liaison.

Jemila Adetunji is the Fermilab Quality Section head.