Zoom Meeting: Electric Vehicle and Solar Club – Saturday, June 20, 1 – 2:30 p.m.

Welcoming all Electric Vehicle Club members and enthusiasts!

Let’s celebrate the longest day of the year, together, with a Zoom call discussion of:

  • Future of Fleet EV vehicles, EV long range trip statistics, with special guest Daniel Maziarz
  • Solar panel system discussion – Brian Chase, Genfa Wu
  • Long and short range EV travel- tips, examples, stats- Robert Flora, all EV club members feel free to share your stories!
    ***If interested in contributing your travel tales, please prepare a few slides with photos of where you have been,  what EV you took to get there and any stats or tips that you would like to share about this experience. *** 

    For Zoom meeting link, information, and questions, email kmyles@fnal.gov