Identity verification for password changes and MFA devices

Fermilab colleagues,



We want to make you aware of our cybersecurity policy for resetting passwords in light of our current situation in which many users and employees are working remotely. Any user or employee who contacts the Service Desk while not onsite to change their password or to obtain an RSA software or hardware token or YubiKey will be required to participate in a Zoom video meeting. During this meeting, they will present the Service Desk staff with their valid government-issued ID (driver’s license, passport). The Service Desk staff member will verify that the individual on the video call is the same individual as presented in the ID.

For Services and Fermi domain (Windows logon) accounts, we strongly encourage everyone to enroll now to use the Password Reset Tool. Information about how to use the Password Reset Tool is available in this article.

Once enrolled, you can easily change or reset your password on your own 24×7.

Questions about this email may be directed to the Service Desk:

Fermilab Service Desk
(630) 840-2345