In memoriam: Alexander Elwyn

Alexander Elwyn

Fermilab retiree Alexander Joseph Elwyn died on July 4 at his home, surrounded by his family.

He received his bachelor’s of science degree with majors in math and physics from Grinnell College and his doctorate degree in physics from Washington University. He later took a job at Argonne National Laboratory. In 1982, he started at Fermilab as an engineering physicist and became an applied scientist in 1991. He finished his career at Fermilab in the Environment, Safety and Health Department quietly searching for muons out in the field, retiring in 1993.

His family hopes to be able to have a celebration of Alex’s life in the near future, perhaps when public health restrictions allow and family and friends feel it is safe to travel.

Donations in memory of Alex, should be made to the Little Red School House & Elisabeth Irwin High School or to the ACLU.