Passcodes required for all Zoom meetings

Zoom has announced that it will move forward on requiring waiting rooms to be enabled for all meetings that do not have an associated passcode.* As a result, Fermilab has made the change to require passcodes for all meetings including:

  • Scheduled meetings (already enforced)
  • Meetings using a personal meeting ID (PMI) (already enforced)
  • Previously scheduled meetings (NEW)
  • Instant meetings (NEW)
  • Phone participation (NEW)



  1. A passcode* is now required for all scheduled meetings, including meetings that were scheduled prior to the recent password enforcement changes.


  1. Instant meetings will have a generated password assigned to them.


  1. Participants joining by phone will need to enter a passcode. Note, if the meeting passcode is alphanumeric, the phone passcode will be different. For this reason, you may consider using a numeric-only passcode for such meetings.


*Zoom is also taking this opportunity to differentiate between the terms “passcode” and “password.” “Passcode” now refers to the alphanumeric code used to protect individual meetings. “Password” refers to your Zoom account login credentials.


  • Make sure to update any recurring meetings that did not require a passcode to require one and remember to send out an updated invitation to your guests.
  • Do not post the meeting ID or passcode on a public website. Links posted in Indico or DocDB must be protected by Fermilab Single Sign On (SSO).
  • Instructions for changing passcodes for a previous meeting are available in the article at:


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