From CSO Amber Kenney: COVID-19 work practice reminders and clarifications

Amber Kenney

Thank you for being diligent with the COVID-19 protective measures (equipment and social distancing); it protects us all. Please remember to wear a face covering in buildings and all government vehicles to reduce the amount of respiratory droplets that can deposit on potentially shared surfaces. Face coverings should be Fermilab-provided or similar, or you may use DIY coverings according to CDC’s guidance. Face coverings with exhalation valves are prohibited on site.

The main goal of a face covering is to reduce respiratory droplets that enter someone’s breathing space, and the use of face coverings and social distancing accomplishes this goal. Face coverings with exhalation valves direct respired air toward others without capturing the droplets and are not permitted to be worn on site at Fermilab. Continue to maintain a distance of six or more feet from others whenever possible.

Lunchrooms may be used for eating, drinking and mask breaks, as long as hands are washed prior to eating or drinking and a distance of six feet or more is maintained between personnel (if feasible, you should be in the lunchroom alone), room occupancy limits are followed, masks are put back on when eating or drinking is complete, surfaces used are wiped down with sanitizing cleaner, and hands are washed and sanitized before returning to work.

With these measures, we can maintain a safe workplace for all. Remember, diligence is key! You can view the updated guidance and more information at the COVID-19 webpage for employees.

Amber Kenney is the Fermilab chief safety officer.