Campaign season reminder: political activity restrictions at Fermilab

John Myer

As we enter the election season, the Office of General Counsel reminds everyone that there are important restrictions on political and campaign activities at Fermilab.

First, everyone is encouraged to participate in the electoral process and may use Fermilab’s Time Off to Vote Policy.

Second, use of Fermilab property and resources for political or campaign purposes is strictly forbidden by law and laboratory policy. We must avoid even the appearance of political activity or endorsements.

What does this mean for FRA employees and Fermilab users during election season?

You may:

  • Vote and take advantage of the time off to vote policy, per its terms.
  • Fully support preferred candidates and issues in your personal time, using your personal devices and resources, outside of Fermilab work hours and off Fermilab property.

You may not:

  • Use any part of the Fermilab site for political or campaign activities, including photo opportunities or video footage with candidates, conversations with candidates about political issues or views, town hall meetings, interviews with reporters on political topics, rallies, speeches, distribution of campaign or political issue materials, display of campaign signs or posters, or fundraising for political candidates or issues.
  • Use Fermilab resources (for example, Fermilab-issued phones, computers, networks, email accounts, printers, supplies, vehicles or funds) for political or campaign activities.
  • Conduct any political or campaign activities while on the Fermilab site or while working for Fermilab off site, even if using personal property, phones, devices, email or social media accounts for the activity.
  • Mention your Fermilab affiliation while engaged in political activities, including on social media or while in contact with the media.
  • Represent that you are speaking on behalf of Fermilab or its management on issues related to politics, candidates, or science or budget policy without the prior approval of the Office of Communication.

We’re happy to answer any questions you have regarding these and any other issues of law and Fermilab policy. You may contact our office through John Myer (, general counsel, or Elizabeth Mendyk (, legal operations manager.

John Myer is Fermilab’s general counsel.