Ergonomics: Working from home

Over these past months, Fermilab has seen an unprecedented amount of its workforce telecommuting from home. Adapting to a non-traditional computer workstation has proven to be challenging on our bodies, as well as our efficiency to focus on tasks. As we develop new work routines, some may find themselves introducing poor ergonomic habits while telecommuting from the kitchen table or the couch. The fact is that these spaces are not made for prolonged work shifts. Studies have shown that practicing good ergonomic habits will greatly reduce your risk for developing musculoskeletal disorders and can positively impact your work efficiency by keeping you focused on your tasks. The ESH section would like to remind those working from home to review the following document: Ergonomic Guidelines for Employees Working from Home.  The focus points from this document are:

  • completing/refreshing yourself with the Fermilab Computer Workstation Ergonomics Training
  • how to best replicate your on-site office workstation
  • ways to optimize your home workstation
  • tips to reduce prolonged screen time and sitting
  • when to notify you supervisor and your DSO of issues or concerns that have arisen while working at home

With an understanding that good ergonomic habits make a significant impact; we ask that you allocate time to reviewing your home workstation and apply your training to better fit the workstation to you. If individuals in your household are telecommuting and/or eLearning from home, act as a steward of good ergonomic habits and consider assessing their workstations too.

Resources and forms related to Fermilab’s Ergonomics Program can be found on the Industrial Hygiene Webpage, Those with office equipment on site can transport equipment on their own or arrange delivery with FESS Dispatch (subject to availability).  Before taking property off site review the Telecommuter Equipment Policy during COVID-19. If you have concerns regarding your home workstation, please do not hesitate to contact Kelly Dombrowski (ext 3232) or Jonny Staffa (ext 3810).