Escort training available Thursday, Oct. 1

As mentioned in the lab director’s recent all-hands message, all individuals with Fermilab-issued ID badges are required to complete annual escort training. The training will be added to ITNAs on Oct. 1. Please complete the training by Oct. 31.

The public and other visitors without a Fermilab badge will require an escort to visit nonpublic areas. This and other requirements are identified in Fermilab policies, including the Site Access and Events Policies. A Fermilab-badged escort is responsible for monitoring access to and activities in nonpublic areas.

The training will provide a greater understanding of the qualifications and responsibilities of an escort, as well as the designation of public versus nonpublic areas. Once training is complete, badged personnel will be allowed to escort unbadged visitors in nonpublic areas.

If you have any questions, please send an email to