ICW main site flushing

  The FESS/FM Mechanical group will be performing the annual ICW flush, for main site, starting Monday, Sep. 28 thru Friday, Oct. 2 during the hours of 8 a.m. and 4:30 p.m. daily (weather dependent). The work being performed will start at Casey’s Pump House and continue to the far reaches of main site i.e. D0 & MI40. This process is performed in a systematic fashion to flush approximately twenty seven miles of underground piping in accordance with FESHM standards. Notification will be made, in advance, for your specific area at least a day in advance of our arrival and will request that the area around fire hydrants remain clear. We will deploy safety cones, as needed, to assist in the restriction of vehicles and personnel walking in these areas.  All flushing related equipment and any dislodged materials will be immediately removed following the completion of that area being flushed. During the flushing process, you may see momentary pressure deviations but, we have not had any process equipment go down due to the performance of this work. You may also notice standing water, in low lying areas, which would give the appearance of a leak due to the standing water. Please forward this information and advise personnel in your area of this ongoing process and if standing water is noted, please assist us by identifying the standing water as an active leak or the remains of flushing process. If you note water actively bubbling/boiling up out of the ground please contact us immediately through our work central department at ext. 3434, John Pollock and or myself.

  Please consider this notification of the dates and times as well as the notice that you can find in the Fermilab Today announcement section and the hydrant flushing signs posted at the entrances to the lab, as your reference of this up coming process. If you have any further questions or comments please feel free to contact John Pollock at ext. 5253, cell 630-659-6211 or email pollockj@fnal.gov or Steven Shirley at ext. 3007, cell 630-951-5300 or email shirley@fnal.gov.