New Code of Business Ethics and Conduct

Today we are introducing a new standalone Code of Business Ethics and Conduct (Code) (must be on the Fermilab network to view), with the full support of the lab director and the FRA board of directors. The Code provides an overview of the contractual, legal and regulatory requirements governing ethics and conduct for FRA as an organization and for each employee. Importantly, the Code does not include all policies, procedures and requirements that apply to FRA and its employees. Instead, it is a compilation of key policies and requirements related to employee behavior and interactions in executing our mission and performing the FRA contract with DOE to manage and operate Fermilab.

This Code applies to all FRA employees and everyone must review the Code and referenced policies and standards. Your understanding of the Code is important to your success as an employee and to FRA’s success as the manager and operator of Fermilab.

We are also introducing new Code of Business Ethics and Conduct Training, which will be required of all employees on an annual basis.

Please take time to review the new Code and do not hesitate to reach out to the Office of General Counsel with any questions.