Stay vigilant against cyber threats during COVID-19

Social engineering continues to be a significant threat to the remote workforce during COVID-19. The DOE lab community is also under attack from these threats, specifically spear-phishing,  targeted phishing attacks that are harder to identify because they contain information specific to the organization.

Be on the lookout for emails claiming to be from lab or DOE employees or from nonexistent DOE offices. Typically, these messages will be coming from a non-Fermilab or non-DOE email address, such as Gmail, but will be designed to look like they are coming from official sources. If you get an unusual message, check the email header to confirm the actual email address is an official one and not from Gmail or another third-party. If you’d like more information about email headers, review the following resource.

If you are ever unsure of any email communications, do not click or respond to anything. Instead, please forward the message to the Cybersecurity Team at for further assistance.