Travel reimbursement, receipts and guidance

Here are a few frequently asked questions and answers regarding travel-related topics. Please contact the Fermilab travel office at if you have questions or need assistance with travel plans.

How long should I keep original paper receipts? 

Since April 1, 2020, the Accounting office began accepting electronic travel receipts and the process has greatly reduced paper usage and improved record retention. When paper receipts are scanned into the travel system, they become official documentation of travel expenses. Original receipts must be retained until a travel voucher reaches completed status in the travel system. After you have received a notice of completed status, you may destroy original receipts.

 When is a travel authorization (TA) required?

All other travel requests — except for local transportation costs — require a pre- trip approval in the travel system.

A pre-trip travel authorization (TA) is not required when requesting reimbursement for local transportation costs only. Expenses can be recorded and approved in the travel expense voucher system using the mileage reimbursement form.

What is the definition of local travel?

Local travel is official travel conducted within 50 miles (each way) of the laboratory or primary worksite.   For details, refer to local travel page on the travel website. Local lodging is not reimbursable.

When should I use the per diem only form?

The per diem only form should be used to reimburse subsistence cost relating to visitors at the lab. This expense form may not be used for employees or other laboratory travelers who are seeking normal travel reimbursement.

Travel guide during COVID-19 and feedback

The travel guide details requirements for people traveling via commercial airlines to Fermilab (in Batavia) and for Fermilab-funded business air travel to other locations.

Please use quick links to access details:

All travelers are encouraged to provide feedback of their travel at