Workspace planning tool

As additional personnel return to the laboratory, FESS is working to support maximizing the distance between people on site to meet social distancing guidelines. Monitoring the density of occupants inside a building is critical to minimizing the spread of germs or viruses. For many buildings on the Batavia site, the occupancy density is monitored at the division level.

If you work on the Batavia site, an online tool is available to help manage workspace planning. The tool enables employees to reserve a spot on site for a specified date, which will help manage the number of employees working in each area.

Prior to coming on site and reporting to work, employees should visit the tool, log in with Services credentials and create a reservation for a specified location and date. If the maximum occupancy for that location has been reached for the given date (under the present guidance for COVID-19), then the employee will not be able to work in the specified location for the chosen date, but can choose a different available location or date. Employees will be allowed to create any number of reservations, but only a single reservation can be made for any given date.

To learn more about using the tool, please visit the webpage at (must be on the Fermilab network to access) and click on the question mark “Help” button in the upper right-hand corner, or click here.

Questions? Contact Mark Jeffers.