Clorica survey

On a quarterly basis, Clorica distributes a brief, ten-question emailed survey to random on-site users and employees.

The surveys are a valuable tool that helps determine whether contract terms are being met and as a method for open communication between the contractor and lab personnel.

This past quarter the surveys were sent online. Recipients were advised to truthfully answer the anonymous multiple-choice survey. Additionally, an option to provide comments was made available and should the individual wished to be contact, they were advised to leave contact information.

In response to the anonymous submissions, Clorica has provided a follow-up page and reminds they can be reached at or 630-840-2798.

Submitted Comments:

1. It would be reassuring to know the frequency of disinfecting entrance doors and elevators.

During the current stage of reduced occupancy, Clorica has been disinfecting common touch points daily.
Surfaces include:
• Entrance/common doors
• Lunchroom tables, chairs and countertops
• Microwave handles/buttons
• Fridge handles
• Sink faucets
• Elevator buttons/railings
• Copy machines
• Restroom doors/fixtures
• Stairwell railings

2. I prefer my desk not cleaned. It’s disruptive to have items moved around.

Clorica’s standard policy is to avoid moving any personal items. However, in March, Clorica performed a thorough cleaning and disinfecting of every workstation which required some tidying up. If this is still an issue, please contact our office for resolution.

3. The hand sanitizer stations need to be checked more frequently to refill/replace batteries.

Hand sanitizer stations are monitored by building managers.

4. Is there possibility for enhanced cleaning and higher frequencies?

Yes, please contact your building manager for specifics. This may fall under billable special requests and a project/task code would be necessary.

5. We’d like to add a few more centralized trash bins and maybe clean some more areas that are not typically cleaned.

Please bring the subject to your building manager. As stated above this may fall under billable special requests and a project/task code would be necessary.

6. It will be even better if dusting can be done.

While vacuuming and dusting are elements of our program, we’ve temporarily shifted focus towards increased cleaning and disinfecting frequencies in restrooms, eating areas, entrances/common areas and shared touch points. We’ll continue to be mindful of satisfying all required tasks.

7. Break room/eating areas are needed for ICARUS FD building.

Unfortunately, Clorica has no input on the layout of the facilities, although we’ve forwarded this comment to the building manager.

For any additional requests or concerns, please contact the Clorica office at 630-840-2798.