From General Counsel John Myer: Fermilab Concerns Reporting System launches today

Dear Colleagues,

Today we launch a new Fermilab Concerns Reporting System. The system provides an additional channel for FRA employees, Fermilab users and subcontractors to report concerns about safety or health standards, standards of conduct, legal or ethical lapses, environmental issues, security, quality, management, or concerns regarding equity, diversity and inclusion. Individuals who report concerns through the system may identify themselves or remain anonymous.

The Fermilab Concerns Reporting System is hosted on a third-party provided platform called Integrity Counts and is configured for Fermilab. The system allows concerns to be submitted via phone or through the website, and also provides a communication channel with the person submitting the concern.

Concerns will be reviewed by a team of subject matter experts (SMEs) selected from across the lab divisions and sections. Once a concern is submitted, SMEs will evaluate and take the best course of action to ensure appropriate resolution of the concern.

The Fermilab Concerns Reporting System is available at: The phone hotline is available at 866.921.6714 from the United States and 00-800-2002-0033 from Switzerland. An emailed concern also may be sent to and the reported concern will be entered into the system.

Launch of the Fermilab Concerns Reporting System is possible due to the hard work of several teams of people from across the laboratory.

  • The third-party platform provider selection was made through a competitive procurement process led by Bill Boroski, Lita Scott, and Chris Rossman, with a team including Martha Michels, Sandra Charles, Angela Aparicio, Eileen Crowley, Albert Eiffes, Erica Snider, Matt Arena, Marcia Teckenbrock, John Myer, and Beth Fancsali. This team conducted extensive evaluations of proposed platforms to determine the best solution for Fermilab.
  • System implementation was led by a team including Bill Boroski, Lita Scott, Amber Kenney, LaShawnda Hall, Tara Turner, Sandra Charles, Martha Michels, Lizzie Mendyk, Beth Fancsali, and John Myer.

The Fermilab Concerns Reporting System is just one of several available channels for reporting concerns, providing the additional capability of anonymous reporting. Other ways to report concerns include through line management, lab leadership, WDRS, ES&H, the Office of General Counsel and the DOE Employee Concerns Program and Inspector General Hotline, all of which remain available. Information on all reporting channels is available here (must be on the Fermilab network).

If you have any questions, please email