Register for 2020 Chicago Quantum Summit – Nov. 11-13

The third annual Chicago Quantum Summit takes place from Nov. 11-13. Register now to attend.

Featured speakers include SQMS Center Director and Fermilab Deputy Chief Technology Officer Anna Grassellino as well as  directors of the National Quantum Information Science Research Centers and of the NSF Quantum Leap Challenge Institutes.

The summit features a public talk by Scott Aaronson, founding director of the Quantum Information Center at The University of Texas at Austin.

The summit, hosted virtually by the University of Chicago, will capitalize on the momentum of efforts across the quantum community, including the recently announced launch of U.S. national quantum research centers and key partnerships with academia, industry and others. With a focus on building collaborations between national centers, companies and innovators, experts will discuss the future of quantum information science and technology, developing a quantum workforce, and the applications of emerging QIS research.