Register for the Fermilab Innovation Lecture Series: FedTech Journey: From Lab Technology to Startup Company

The Office of Partnerships and Technology Transfer is sponsoring a virtual lecture series in entrepreneurship and commercialization. This series will include successful entrepreneurs, who will tell their stories about taking technologies from a lab to the market. Other topics will include innovative models for lab-industry collaboration from other DOE national laboratories.

All Fermilab personnel, users, students, and guest researchers are invited to participate in this series. Additional webinar topics will be announced soon.

The first webinar will take place on Oct. 28 from 3-4 p.m. CDT via Zoom.

Register here for FedTech Journey: From Lab Technology to Startup Company

Have you ever wondered what it will be like to start a company based on your technology? In this lecture, the speakers from FedTech and Lunano will discuss their unique approach to technology commercialization.

FedTech is a technology accelerator firm, and its mission is unlocking the benefits of technology through entrepreneurially minded people. FedTech’s Startup Studio is a program that identifies breakthrough tech from federal and university labs to pair technologies with talented entrepreneurs. The entrepreneurs in FedTech program are indoctrinated in the lean startup model, focusing on validating their business models through customer discovery. If the team finds a problem-solution fit and the opportunity is promising, FedTech helps launch their venture.

Lunano is a deep tech startup working on disinfectant 2.0: Anti-Virus/Microbial Spray that is launched from a recent FedTech cohort based on technology from Sandia National Laboratories.


Ian Ryu, senior associate at FedTech

Ian Ryu, Ph.D., senior associate, FedTech

Ian has been heavily involved in FedTech’s multiple programs centered on deep tech and entrepreneurship. Leveraging his robust experience working with universities and federal laboratories in a broad range of scientific and technological innovations, Ian’s is passionate about identifying pioneering technologies and working with entrepreneurs to maximize technology’s potential.

Prior to joining FedTech, Ian was a scientific research specialist at National Institute of Standards and Technology, working in Biosystems Biomaterials Division where he led the development of multiples technologies with corporate partners in biomanufacturing and biomaterials. Ian received his Ph.D. from University of California, Berkeley, where he led quantum biology project with Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory. He received his B.S. in chemistry from Korea University. Ian lives in Maryland with his family enjoying hiking and tennis in his free time.

Bradley Duckworth, co-founder of Lunano

Bradley Duckworth, co-founder, Lunano

Bradley Duckworth is a co-Founder of Lunano. Lunano’s product is an antiviral/antimicrobial surface coating spray that continuously disinfects. Powered by light, the nanotechnology traps microbes such as viruses and bacteria heat them to over 200 degrees Fahrenheit, killing them almost instantly. The disinfection effect can last from two to eight months and removes the need to rely on harmful substances, such as bleach. The surface is safe for the skin and object content, leaving no environmentally harmful residue and removing the need to dispose of chemical byproducts. Bradley has over 16 years’ experience in the global supply chain and transportation industry. He has a wide depth and breadth of experience, both functionally and geographically.

Prior to Lunano, Bradley was a global logistics product owner for Amazon Web Services. Bradley joined Amazon in 2016 and is responsible for AWS’ global server parts supply chain. He has held other roles at Amazon including managing over $600 million in transportation spend and leading projects to enable Amazon’s global retail expansion. Prior to his current role, Bradley was a Director of Business Development for Kintetsu World Express, with commercial and account responsibilities for Fortune 500 accounts in the aerospace, healthcare and industrial sectors. Prior to KWE, Bradley spent 10 years with the Maersk Group of companies, starting as a management trainee

Bradley graduated with an MBA from Georgetown McDonough School of Business, class of 2015. He earned his undergraduate degree from the University of Alabama’s Culverhouse School of Business in International Business Management.

Register here for FedTech Journey: From Lab Technology to Startup Company.