Work Planning and Control update

The IMPACT database is the labwide solution for creating and obtaining approvals for all hazard analysis starting Jan. 1, 2021.

Filemaker Pro, the FNAL Hazard Analysis Database, and the old ESH Hazard Analysis Oracle Database will be turned off for creation of new hazard analysis. Data from these systems will only be available as read-only after Jan. 1 and therefore will not be valid documents for performing work as information will not be able to be changed to coincide with current work conditions.

Work groups should begin transitioning to IMPACT as soon as possible to ensure a smooth changeover. For instructions and information on IMPACT, please view the IMPACT website. Training sessions are available. Please see the IMPACT Training Calendar for scheduled dates/times.

Moving to IMPACT ensures requirements for review and approval processes are adhered to, and work planning processes become more streamlined and consistent across the laboratory. The goal of IMPACT is to become the one-stop shop for all ESH permits and forms required to perform work at the laboratory.

Questions and assistance with transitioning to IMPACT should be directed to your division safety officer.