From Nigel Lockyer: Fermilab’s top five

Nigel Lockyer

Following are the top five highlights from the Nov. 12 All-Hands meeting. If you were not able to attend the session, a video recording is available for viewing (Services login required).

  1. LBNF/DUNE-US work continues in South Dakota and Batavia. The contract for cavern excavation at SURF has been awarded​, and all reliability project work and pre-excavation work are scheduled to be completed by early 2021. Construction of the new rock conveyor is almost complete. Site preparation work for LBNF beamline facilities in Batavia was completed on schedule and on budget.
  2. PIP-II continues to progress. The October CD-2 Refresh review was a success, and the PIP-II injector test facility accelerated proton beam through new superconducting cryomodules for the first time at nearly perfect transmission. The cryoplant building construction is underway. The Project has strong engagement and commitment from international partners, and DOE baseline approval is poised to take place soon.
  3. Superconducting Quantum Materials and Systems Center launched in August​. Fermilab’s SQMS is one of the five newly established DOE National QIS Research Centers. The main goal is to produce transformational advances in quantum science and technology, including the construction of a quantum computer prototype based on superconducting RF technology. Numerous partners include DOE labs, industry, academia and other federal entities.
  4. Integrated Engineering Research Center moves forward.The IERC final design is complete. CD-2/3 ESAAB approval was achieved September 30​. Foundation and steel superstructure work is expected to begin soon. We are currently targeting late 2022 for project completion.
  5. Thank you and congratulations to all for an excellent year during challenging times. In addition to our Fermilab employees, users, partners, university collaborators and international collaborators, we thank the DOE, HEP team, Office of Science, Fermilab Site Office, FRA Board of Directors and UChicago for their outstanding support of Fermilab throughout the year.

As always, your feedback is welcome and encouraged. Please email to share your input and suggestions on how we can continue to make these meetings as effective as they can be. Please continue to remain vigilant, observe safety protocols and stay healthy.