Introducing the 2020-21 Fermilab Scientist Advisory Council

The Fermilab Scientist Advisory Council recently welcomed eight new members for the 2020-21 term. As the newly elected co-chairs (Anne Schukraft and Frank Chlebana), we are honored to act as chairs for the SAC, which was founded in 2013 and includes representation from across Fermilab’s scientific staff. We meet regularly with the Directorate and discuss topics of interest affecting both the short- and long-term plans of the laboratory’s research program as well as issues related to the career and professional development of the scientific staff.

The SAC communicates its work to the wider scientific staff at quarterly meetings. If you have an issue or item you would like to have discussed by the SAC, please contact your council representative or the chairs with the details.

Members of the 2020-21 SAC are:

Robert Ainsworth, AD
Doug Berry, PPD
Minerba Betancourt, ND
Mattia Checchin, APS-TD
Stefan Hoche, PPD
Frank Chlebana (co-chair), PPD
Jeremiah Holzbauer, PIP-II
Bo Jayatilaka (past chair), SCD
Patty McBride, PPD
Frederique Pellemoine, AD
Gordan Krnjaic, PPD
Anne Schukraft (co-chair), ND
Peter Shanahan, ND
Andrew Sonnenschein, PPD
Tiziana Spina, APS-TD
Tammy Walton, SCD

Frank Chlebana and Anne Schukraft are co-chairs of the 2020-21 Scientist Advisory Council.

We welcome the new Scientist Advisory Council.